Brief: To improve the experience of presenting content to an audience by making the process more comfortable to the presenter and by leveraging touch as a medium of interaction through devices like mobile or tablet.

Design Process: The design process included starting from a broader brief, conducting both secondary and primary research, narrowing down on 'who to design for?', scenarios and target devices. For sake of simplicity, these are not documented here. Please feel free to reach out to me for more information.

Insights & directions

1. Situations of Anxiety

Most problems faced by presenters is when they’re put in an uncomfortable situation. There is not much technological assistance in such situations.

2. Familiarity with Tools

Users tend to use technology or software that they are more familiar with while presenting because of a higher sense of confidence.

3. Current usage

A smartphone or any other touch device is not currently preferred for creating presentations. Though, users have used such devices for viewing or browsing presentations.

4. Follow up activities

Follow up activities like action points and sharing presentation content are difficult to track and complete.

Interaction explorations

About 50 different unique interaction concepts were explored before arriving at the final set of proposals

Final concepts

First time launch of the app

Pairing with a display device

Launching a presentations

Partially moving a card will not advance to the next slide to avoid accidental touches

Swipe edge to edge to advance a slide

Long press and tilt to quickly move to a bookmarked slide

Control video playback on mobile without interfering with the projected content

Switch to a Minimal view

Navigation on the minimal view

Jump to a specific slide on the minimal view